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Salam 3leykoum and welcome to my blog! My name used to be a western one, but since 2010 it's Noor: I'm a muslim convert (or rather 'revert'), alhamdulillah! I'm 22 years old and as you've probably already noticed: a real hijabista! Unfortunately I can't do my own HOOTDs, so I just recreate them or at least my style with my Hashtag Hijab Outfits. My other two passions are Islam and writing - which are seen right here aswell! Don't be shy and do comment and/or contact me! xo Noor ♥

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  1. sharmeen

    Salaam sister, why don’t you should us full outfit pictures.. of how the outfit looks when it has all come together?? or is there a reason why you don’t do it? Loving all the outfit ideas.. Great job MashaAllah!! x

    1. Post author

      Wa3leykoum salam,

      What do you mean, how it looks when it has all come together? You mean like placing the top on the skirt en the shoes below the skirt and then the scarf on top of the top or what?

      xo Noor

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