Hijab Tutorial #1

Salam 3leykoum sisters,


Unfortunately I can’t do any tutorials of my own, so I’ve picked one out for you girls! This tutorial comes from Pinterest. You can see it on my new board simply called Hijab Tutorials.

I wanted to show you girls a Hijab Tutorial which is easy to begin with, especially when not having anyone around to show you how it’s done. This one’s really easy and definitely doable for a beginner!


Check out my new board on Pinterest and follow for more hijab tutorials insha’Allah!


xo Noor

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Salam 3leykoum and welcome to my blog! My name used to be a western one, but since 2010 it's Noor: I'm a muslim convert (or rather 'revert'), alhamdulillah! I'm 22 years old and as you've probably already noticed: a real hijabista! Unfortunately I can't do my own HOOTDs, so I just recreate them or at least my style with my Hashtag Hijab Outfits. My other two passions are Islam and writing - which are seen right here aswell! Don't be shy and do comment and/or contact me! xo Noor ♥

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